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From Brisbane Airport to
the city... or the Gold Coast.
We'll get you there.

Regular and reliable train services get you to your destination; and Airtrain easily links with other transport options. Start your holiday without stress.

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So you've landed?
You'll find us right out front.

Here’s how to find Airtrain at the Brisbane Airport.
Which terminal are you at?

  1. Go from your flight gate to baggage claim (on level 2).
  2. Passing the Visitor Information Desk take the escalators or lift onto Level 3, where you'll find the Airtrain platform entrance and ticket counter.

There's plenty of signage. If you get lost find the Visitor Information Desk on level 2 and speak to our friendly staff who are also located here.

We've got helpful tools to plan your trip.

Journey Planner

It’s easy to save time and money when you get directions and check travel times in advance.

Fare calculator

Calculate your fare so you know how much it'll cost to book now. We're cheaper than a cab to the city.

booking wizard

When you book, our smart form helps you find the right ticket and will always apply the best discount. More holiday money for you.

Great deals for you.

Book Early and
Save up to 15%*

The early bird catches a cheaper ticket. Book at least 7 days before you fly and save 15%*.

Duo & Group Discounts

Travel is better with others. And so are discounts. Two people to the city costs just $30*. And we'll apply discounts for 3+ people too.

Going to the Gold Coast?

You worry about relaxing. We'll worry about getting you there. Try Train & Transfer - you'll get a chauffeur from a Gold Coast station who'll take you direct to your accommodation.

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We're a great
airport transport option.

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